Looking for feedback on my current game

Hello everybody! I am looking for feedback on my game I am planning to release hopefully by the end of August or beginning of September. The game is an obby where there are coins to collect in every level and with those coins you can get things in the shop such as gear, titles, and trails. There are also 4 game modes that will be available which are easy, normal, hard, and insane. There are around 75 stages in each game mode. Once you get to the end you will be able to play around with the things in the winners room, prestige, and change your game mode. In order to unlock game modes you need to beat the previous one. There are much more features that I have thought of but I am not going to add those to the game unless it gets popular and I need to update the game. The name of the game is likely going to be “Coin Obby” but if you think of anything better please let me know!

Questions that I want answered (you don’t have to answer them all):

  • Do all of the colors go well with the menu?

  • Do all of the colors go well with the stages?

  • Is the game harder than you expected? (You will be playing easy mode)

  • Are the colors used in the stages too bright?

  • Does the lobby/winners room need any additions/improvements

  • How good do you think this game will do in terms of player count and monetization?

  • Are the prices for everything fair? (That includes the prices of things in robux and coins)

  • Is the name “Coin Obby” good or should it be changed?

  • Are the descriptions of the items in the shop good or do they need some changing?

  • Any additional feedback will be appreciated.

Things you might want to be aware of:

  • The loading screen barely got any work put into it and it is not a finished product. I am planning to change the colors and the font of the screen, add a skip button to the loading screen, and maybe put the game icon there as well when I create it.

  • I will be in the game but my internet connection is horrible so I might get disconnected from the game (happens rarely but has happened before.)

The link I am going to provide will be the link to an alternative game so I don’t have to deal with any dislikes. Also the game is only going to be easy mode as I haven’t polished up any of the other modes yet. I will be in the game and I can teleport you around different places including the winner’s room if you would like.

Game link:


The only issue I have is that the UI is wayyyy too big in my opinion. the transitions are very cool so apart from the size of the UI the game is very well made. Got a like from me (:


You are the second person who said it was way to big so I will change it. What part of the UI was too big?


Everything the UI opener and the stuff that gets opened. The UI openers should be shrinked a little however the stuff that gets opened should be shrunk alot.


I like some of the creativity on the stages, and VIP things at certain stages like VIP skip. I do agree that the UI is to big. I really enjoyed playing this obby. :+1:


Coin Obby is pretty confusing, the coins seemed liek checkpoints.


Amazing game. Everything works great, no bugs or ad pop-ups. The only issue that I and maybe some mobile users have, are the UI’s. The UI’s are big and the 2 UI’s on the bottom right corner are going to be in the way for the joystick on mobile devices. Same for the one’s on the bottom left side. Instead of the overhead GUI’s being called “Titles”, I’d change them to be “Over head nametag” and instead of the “RICH” and “Normal” being the Gui, it should be the player’s username with that font. Get what I’m sayin’? Anyway, hopefully this helped, and keep up the good work and good luck!


I played the game (on mobile) and it’s very good! The UI’s didn’t get in the way or any thing continue developing!


Very good game :slight_smile:



The gameplay is neat and well put together, it sort of have that basic obby feel implemented to yours, however I like how you used cylinders, cones, parts for your obstacles seems like a unique idea to go about. Is the game still in progress since there’s still more additional details to add?

The lobby area what I’m assuming is one, you should try decreasing the amount of size, perhaps make the size less large looking you could even throw useful shops or something to get rid of those empty corners and spaces.

While the obstacles look good you may want to think of ideas on, how can my game stand out from others include different options and obstacles so it doesn’t feature similar styles as original obbys. Adding more objects would allow more interest, and fun for the players to enjoy and stay in your game longer.

At the start this definitely has some potential take a look at known and other obbys and see what they have and see what you can do to make it yours stand out.

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Yes this game is far from finished I just posted this to make sure I was heading in the right direction with the game. Thanks for your feedback though it was definitely helpful!