Looking for feedback on my first ever roblox game

Hello, so recently I made my first roblox game. I’ve been working on it for 4 years now and i’d like feedback on it. Any feedback is appreciated. Please keep in mind, this is the first roblox game I made ever. I dont have much experience as a developer so please dont be mean. Game here:
challenge event - Roblox


does anyone like my game, or no? I really want feedback. I spent soo much time making it

Probably not a good post because you’ll most likely get reported for trolling. At least I hope it’s a troll lol

It’s not a troll. I spent a really long time making the game. But no one says anything about it :(. Is my game that bad?

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I didn’t try it but I think you need to improve something.

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you spent 4 years to use a template from roblox and upload a decal of floor?