Looking for feedback on my GFX

If you could help me in any way, it would be great!

I’m also wondering if I could add some cool backround some how, because I am pretty bad at it,

If you reply, thanks for the feedback!


It doesn’t fit well because the lighting and the background. Also why do you have so many watermarks? It literally messes up the GFX.


Watermarks - So people don’t steal,

The backround got messed up, it’s supposed to be transparent.

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Well, it is good, but you have too many watermarks, (which aren’t transparent, so it covers alot), which pretty much cover the entire thing, and there is not any background or lighting to fit why the character has a pink tint. Keep going, Toxin. You’ll get even better! :wink:


The gun doesn’t necessarily look like it’s in the characters hand, the character has a random red glow. To make the red glow look natural you’ll have to put a police car or something behind it. Otherwise, it looks great!

Um, thanks for the feedback, but it’s purple.

Overall looks great. You probaly need to make the legs more intact.