Looking for feedback on my Hitman-style game

I’m only a scripter, so it’s the scripting I’m looking for feedback on.


ive never played hitman but illl give it a whirl

Lemme know what you think of the scripting

dude this has some top notch level mechanics/scripting, the enemies are greatly scripted the guns feel amazing i love that you can switch camera angles

the one thiing i have a problem with and im not sure if this is intentional or not but should i be able to assasinate enemies if they have been alerted of me?

That’s intentional for now, although I might make it so you need to crouch for a minimum amount of time before assassinating, that way you would take damage first if they’re alerted.

You reckon this is sponsor-able when levels start being added?

It is very laggy when you shoot i the second room!

Really enjoy the gameplay, everything feels fresh and easy to use

mosty def dude there is an audience out there for games like this you just gotta get it out there, peace and love brother continuing developing this game, i believe you can finish it