Looking for feedback on my new builds and models

recently i made a few models and assets for my new game.

the first one is a small map that resembles a hillside or a mountain. i know it is not very detailed but i can’t grasp what is missing.

this is the left side of the map with the scale dummy and a few lights.

this is the view of the whole map from that side.

and this is the view of the left side from the other side of the map

the second one is a sword model i modeled in blender. i couldn’t make it very detailed because i am not the best at 3d modeling.


feel free to say anything, i am open to feedback.


The small map looks weird because of the textures to be honest. The build itself is nice but the textures makes it look like something from 2008. It looks really fuzzy. 5/10

The sword on the other hand, whilst simple it looks really nice. 8/10

For the sword, I think you should make the base part of the handle, (the part you grab) longer and slimmer. Also make the blade less pryamid shaped,

for example, you want your sword blade to look like this most of the time

the blade is very square, at the tip is a triangle shape.

For the map:
The textures can cause a lot of lag, using custom textures on every side of an object is a very bad idea. Try messing around with smooth plastic instead of textures, if you don’t like the cartoony look, you can make the colors darker with smooth plastic.

If smooth plastic doesn’t work, try and use the built in materials instead.


The map is using the new roblox textures