Looking for feedback on this adventure game

There isn’t really a tutorial right now, so there are a couple things you should know going in:
Q to flip
Hold right click to sprint (While mouselock is on)

Questions to answer (ignore these if you want)
What did you like? What did you not like? How is the quality of life? Did you get lost or confused? Did you encounter any glitches? Would you recommend this game to a friend + why or why not? Is there anything you would change to improve the game? Was there a particularly egregious issue that made you leave or want to leave?

Hey nice game! Got some feedback

Positives About The Game.

The game is nice! I like the idea you are going for here! It seems like it has potential!


The monsters look very well made! I like it! How long did it take you to make them?

Negatives About The Game.


First off, it’s kind of annoying when you meditate and the coins just fall on you, don’t make it fall from so high though.


Second; it’s kind of odd how this “baswolf” monster literally kills you in 2-3 shots, and it unfair because this monster spawns at the same place a player spawns at, which makes the game so hard to play. You can also make it fall off the edge, lol.


Small detail but the house thing at spawn is unanchored.


Things you could improve on!

Like I said above, there is room for improvement:
Bosses, Builds, etc. Also the play can’t even explore the rest of the map dude to the hills being to big to jump over:



I really like your game! Hopefully my feedback could help improve it!

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