Looking for feedback on this top-down shooter

Hi! So for the past few weeks I’ve been developing on a possible new top-down shooter type of game, and I’ve just been putting the finishing touches on my weapon engine, and I’m just curious as to what you guys think of it, and if there’s anything I should change or continue to improve upon. I’m obviously not great with weapon engines, but I definitely packed this one with a bunch of features, as opposed to any gun system I’ve made previously. The game as of now is also targeted for a single-player experience, the general idea would be to create missions and stuff with plenty of mobs to attack and stuff, earn resources along the way, upgrade your loadout, etc. If you had ideas for the core game plot as well that’d be much appreciated! Thanks for checking this out!

Here’s the game:

EDIT: Forgot to mention, but you need to press “1” or “2” to equip a weapon when it loads your character in. Currently the player spawns with a Pistol and Pump Shotgun.


I’d say a good idea is to make it to where when you move the Soldier NPC turns to you as you move, if it sounds confusing it’s like the NPCs in Squadron. Also I have a question will the NPCs move or stand still?

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The original idea would be to create a simple mob controller, where the mobs would chase you down, and certain ones would be shooting at you from a distance while others might have a melee attack.

Alright, sounds pretty cool! Looking forward to seeing updates, good luck.

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