Looking for Feedback! | Simulator Map

Hey! I am working on a game called “Clicker League” This is the current map for it! I’ve revamped it a few times.

  • What stands out to you most, and why?

  • What should I change, and why?

Thanks for the feedback!




My opinion : 7/10. I agree beautifully. But please add trees not just Christmas trees.So you can add a snow biome. Happy New Year.


uhh did you make this map???

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Christmas Trees? I wouldn’t say these are Christmas trees. Low-Poly style builders use this type of tree a lot, and it could be pretty nice. I would say that he should add more trees and more variation, but these trees are alright.

Overall, Its looking pretty good atm :slight_smile:


You know that certain tree isn’t a Christmas tree right?

Anyways, I really like the tone of the map, colors blend well. There’s nothing really that stands out imo, it’s all balanced and appealing to the eyes.

Like what they said, thing that you should do though, is add different variations of objects, maybe add more since I only see a few.

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Looks good, I think the trees and the grass goes well together.

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Yes, why would I post somebodies map on my account?

I’m sorry, I thought you stole the map from Natalie Clabo because your map is very similar to hers but I was mistaken :slight_smile:


I would rate this a 10 out of 10 because of how clean the low-poly trees and ground look I also love the lighting and how much effort you put into this good work and have a lovely rest of your day.

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The map looks sick ! Keep up the good work also is this original or inspired Natalie Clabo as this looks kinds similar to her map


It’s inspired by her map, I tried to make it look different though

How did you do the grass checkerboard pattern? Is that just a simple texture? Or a mesh? Is it part of vanilla Studio or created via 3rd party program?

I’m new to this and really like how it looks.

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The map is incredibly well made! I always love low poly games so it’s automatically amazing for me! Another thing I like is the structures in the game! I think they’re cool!

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I’d rate 9/10 just needs a bit more variation maybe add more objects or different types of trees

overall, the colors blend well nothing really stands out and it looks really good.

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I totally agree that this is beautiful, and is very detailed, but it we super cool if you give another vibe to the game changing the color of the ambient and lighting to a better color that makes the player feel more comfy, something like yellow, because white seems like you’re not welcome, and if there’s not yet, add music (relaxing type, but that makes you want to move, to do things).

Also, if there isn’t yet, add a way to make you move faster or sprint with a tool or something, really think that it would help the game to improve the player experience.


What really stands out to me is the vibrant colors! Im not sure what the player walkspeed is but I think the map is a bit too big.

Personally, I love it! The map looks amazing and the lighting adds a nice vibe to it. However, I do notice quite a few spot’s that could be filled. Apart from that, awesome work!