Hello there, this is Pumpkin community and we are proud to announce that we are going to be releasing a new simulator within the next couple of days. I just want some feedback on that game, if you would Play it or Not play it and why. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Link : https://web.roblox.com/games/5955748324/Snowflake-Simulator

Any feed back is appreciated below! :slight_smile:

Thanks. :christmas_tree:


Your game is private, we can’t test it.


try now thanks for saying that!

Still not working.
Is the link official testing place? https://www.roblox.com/games/5902532682/Snowflake-Simulator-SOON?refPageId=0556d054-2d6f-4406-9f7a-078444d13611

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It says it’s public i don’t know why you cannot get it https://gyazo.com/6a285d7d5b65fe06cd2881a03a8eac4c


Is the place AND game public? I think there is one for both.

Yea, thats what i am also thinking.

Look under the access tab in configure place, make sure everyone can join, and not just friends.

This link works; https://www.roblox.com/games/5955748324/Snowflake-Simulator

The game and gamepass icons looks extremely similar. I’m pretty sure I saw this on party popping simulator. Did you copy it?

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Im the person that made that game, im in the process of making new Icons for the gamepasses. That’s the only thing i have left to do.

Oh, okay. I think the game is fun, however, you need to add a lot more stuff to keep players interested in this game. You can possibly add secret islands to unlock new perks in-game and pets. I also suggest you vary your music choice as well. Having one repeated song is quite annoying, and can cause players to leave.

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Its a really nice looking game. UI is perfect. Some gui have square rectangles behing because you forgot clipping mask. Ok lemme talk devoloper wise. I legit know 90% of the scripts are free model. Your simulator shop is from cherry simulator shop. Popup effect is from GamerM8. Koth is a free model. Also the present icon is not custom made I believe. Building is 10/10 though.


Thanks for the information! I have secret islands, they are on a live event timer which will come out on Nov 23rd. And i will vary the music cause i know how it can get quite annoying lol.

Actually correction, they are not free models my scripter friend helped my with them.

Working now!
I tried many games from random people on DevForum, but to be honest, this was one of the best ever!
It has king position which i don’t know what is good about to be king on position, if it has any advantage.
It has everything i need, pets, random gifts so its not only clicking. It has good music related to game!
It has waving :santa:,
It has twitter codes
It has basically everything i want in simulator!
You did very good job! If you advertise your game right you will become popular!
Thanks for good experience! :heart:
Have an awesome day!

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I also 100% agree that the interface is perfect as @yashkingoo123 mentioned. However, I have a few tips:


For the snowflake, make it a bit thicker so it can be seen well and less skinnier. For the present, make it a bit thicker as well and transparent.

That’s the only issue with the interface in my opinion.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07GJQgES0i0 It looks very similar. The animation the delay to get on the thing and how everything is displayed the same exact way.