Looking for fictional model builders

Looking for people who are good with building soldiers/tanks/planes/buildings/navy with fiction themes(as in, not tanks/planes ripped straight out of American/German/etc militaries as I have plenty of those builders. A creative mind would be very helpful here).

Blender knowledge is heavily preferred as CSG building takes up a lot of unnecessary triangles and I can’t have my models being made up of 300 individual parts/unions. But a mix of CSG and meshparts can work. The models don’t need to be amazingly detailed since they will be shrunken down for my RTS game, but I do need a general consistent style. Examples of some models that have gone over well:

Depending on the set of models(I’d need all the models for an entire set of soldiers/planes/space planes/tanks/buildings/navy done. The sets contain 2, 10, 5, 6, 7, and 23 models) and the quality, I’d be paying 20k-110k group robux for a set. Potentially more depending on circumstances.

My discord is BrokenBone#1341, please message or post on here to let me know your discord username in case I miss your FR.


I’m interested, got any more pictures of the stuff you want made?

P.S - I have loads of schoolwork, as well as some other projects that take up like all of my time, so if there are any crazy deadlines, then count me out, but otherwise I’d love to help!


I’m up for the task, added you as a friend and messaged you on discord. As stated by Kyodo, I’ll need pictures of other models you will want made. I have a lot of time on hand, so if there’s a deadline than I’m able to finish before it:
I’m OfficiallyPixel#4553 Incase you missed my request.

Hi, I am possibly interested in helping in this project. My discord username is:


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