Looking for First Impressions Feedback on my game

Hey everyone! I have a kinda successful game, and I want it to do better. I’m looking for feedback on the first impression of the game and what I could do to make the playtime higher and thus get more players!

Thanks everyone!

The game is very fun to play. I do have a few problems though, albeit small. The first is the blue tunnels in the playground stage. They don’t bother me, but I can imagine someone with worse eyesight or some sort of condition would be unable to see in them. The second one is that abilities should be more clearly explained, maybe by making a button that tells you the abilities of your chosen character that uses most the screen. Finally, one small spelling error, when you get a mega character, it misspells it.

Fix these issues, and you have a game that I think is likely to do well with more advertising.


What do you mean by,

could you explain that a bit more?

I checked the Rally ability of one of the mega characters, which states that it gives teammates a buff, but I wasn’t certain in what way or to what extent.

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This game was really fun to play. I found one bug in your game:

It says I don’t have enough money but I have enough money.

Again, This game was really fun. Keep up your work!

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The game is fun, but how come you need to be Level 25 to be able to votekick someone?

To prevent new players from kicking really good players because they think they are hacking.