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Hi there! I am mmistaken, and I am wondering if you would like to join a Gamejam Competition! People compete and create games. The prize is undetermined yet, this will be decided by every participant. There will be two split teams. The max developers per team is undecided yet, although it cannot be more than ten, but does not sound reasonable to have ten players. I will update the list below often, and DM friends to see if they would like to compete, too.

Competitors so far
@mmistaken - Builder & Slight Investor
@Bytiiz - Builder + Slighty Scripter & UI & Logo & GFX
@zJackkz - Scripter & UI
@Lenoske - Scripter
@micr0waves - Builder & Slight Modeler
@EcoCrashed - Builder & UI & Slight Scripter
@Riddoff - Builder
@MistBloxian - Terrain & Modeler
@TypeByte - Builder & Slight Modeler
Builder Count: 6
Scripter Count: 3
Interface & GFX Count: 1.5
Other count: 3
[0.5 = slight]


We are looking for competitors to compete on a gamejam for an unknown prize. Information will be provided as we figure and discuss. You will be chosen onto a team with team captains. There may or may not be a selected topic. You may fund as much robux as you would like, and make the game public after the gamejam if you would like. You must remake the map, no re-using allowed, and no free models or pre-made models allowed.

The gamejam would start on 11/5/2020 (Novenber 5th, 2020) and end in around two weeks, possibly a month.

Contact Information

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/mmistakenRoblox
You may get denied/declined to join the gamejam

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Sign me up! DM me, I got some cool ideas.


Sent you a DM. Sounds like fun!

Hey bro you dont want a 3d modeler on the team?

mmistaken is him (mmWrld)

I think mmistaken change his new username to mmWrld. Also he not even hiring investor, Read carefully on the post ;-;

This is some cool project and looks fun! Wish you guys luck!

I realize that, I would just recommend to remove that line.

That’s what they do as a developer. He can’t use his Investor robuxs to hire developers for the Game jam but he’s saying what he does outside of the gamejam.

Epic, I’ve messaged you back. (Twitter right?)

What? Confused------------------

It means I’ll spend my robux for GFX a bit, etc

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yes I messaged you one twitter

All up for it. Sign me up as a Scripter and slight UI.

Can I do Interface & GFX?
(BTW you made a typo where it says when it will start, you wrote November wrong.
Discord #Rulerz0001
Twitter : @ PeopleRule2

How experienced do you need to be?

DM me on the Forums or Twitter

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Depends, honestly. Just needs to help the competition

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Sign me Up i am up to the challenge for building and scripting

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aight sure sign me up brochaco (its me cryptonixdev btw)

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