Looking for Gun Modeler and maybe even Scripter!

Hello there.
We’re a small PMC/Science Group on Roblox named Horizon Corp. (Right now Horizon Inc. We’re changing our name). Of course we’re still in Development, or else I might not be making this post.

There are only two Lead developers in our team.
Me (Builder) & 2014patrick (Scripter)

So anyways, since we are a PMC (Private Military Corporation (Although only 50%)), we need someone who can make Weapon Models and maybe even script them. We would like Low Poly guns, with separated parts (So we can animate them realistically). More details are available in our Dizzy
server: 57qYkSa

For payment; we are of course are gonna pay in Robux. Although maybe not as much as how you would expect. It depends on how much Robux we currently have, 20-100 is the estimated payout currently, maybe even less or none.

Thank you for reading.

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