Looking for ideas for pay

I want to create a fps game that was not created in roblox is going to be super original and I need very good workers how much do you think you should save for this project and hire professional people how much should you pay?
I don’t know how much to pay for professional workers
I’m thinking it could be 20K robux for a team
if you have ideas for the game they would also be useful
!Thank you for reading

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A super original FPS game that hasn’t been seen before on Roblox?

You’re going to need a lot more than 20k :robux_light:. Not sure exactly what it would be, but a lot more than that.


I have idea! You can make parkour-shooter game.Someone chasing you and your mission is to escape from him/they and to escape main character need to use his parkour skills and gun. You can upgrade gun or buy new.
Hope this idea will help you! :grinning:

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Hello there,

It’s somewhere different what the prices per developer are and of course what their skills are! Everyone actually has their own building style.

One has the real building style and the other the Simulator building style if you know what I mean.

You can also create a Story Game with FPS in it! Like with the war or whatever. If you want to go the realistic way with your Project you’ll get over 30K I think because of your scripters, modelers, Designers and of course ordinary builders you’ll need!

I hope you will get enough of this and get on with your project, I wish you a lot of success!


Sys. (Aka. Tim)

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Depending on how many staff and what prices they want, but I agree 20k is a little low for a team.

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ok thanks everyone for replying then it would be ok 100k for a game haci and your ideas are great i will make a fps game history and have some parkour