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Hello there, I’m John. So over the past few months me and my friend @Nanoswamp have been working on a Simulator game similar to “Saber Simulator”, “Ninja Legends” and other games of that nature/gameplay. We’re currently looking for an investor. I was originally going to be the main investor but due to a small budget surpassed heavily I cannot flip the bill much longer. We’re currently looking for 50K Group Funds (Robux) for a 10% cut of our total earnings for one normal non leap year (365 Days). Please read through our post and see if you’d be willing to help and what all the Robux it would be spent on. Thanks so much from John…


So as your read in the “About Us” paragraph we’re looking for 50K Robux. We also have a multiple possible methods we’d like the funds to be payed out. We’re looking for it to be group funds. We would like for you to answer our messages and requests to have the Funds to be used in the manner we choose fit. Like for example if we need someone to do UI we’d like you to pay them through funds because that is how we see fit at that time. Please keep in mind the manner we will request might change at any point.


Now let’s talk about the fun stuff perks. We’re not going to give you any recognition besides a group rank that will only go to people who invested in our game. We have the right to remove any recognition such as role, credit, etc as an investor for any reason. As we said you will receive 10% of the profits if and only if all 50K Robux/Group-Funds are used in a manner we see fit; but after one normal non leap year (365 days) we will remove your 10% in our game. So just to be clear after the launch of the game 365 days later you won’t earn anything from us anymore unless you sign up to be an investor again and go through the steps again; but we cannot guarantee there still will be a need for an investor.


So finally where will your money go? Well as of right now here are the plans. We have the right to change anything for what we use it for or how much we spend for it as long as It’s specifically our game in question.

  • 1K: Game logo
  • 10K: UI Design
  • 2K/Day for Ads for one week (7 Days | please note once the ads expire there is no guarantee they will automatically be re uploaded.)
  • 500/Day sponsor (7 Days | please note once the sponsor expire there is no guarantee they will automatically be re uploaded. We would also run sponsors on “Tablet, Mobile, PC”)
  • 2K on in game pets (15-20+)

So that leaves us with 37,500 ready to be spent. We have quite a bit left over that we plan to use for possible scripting, modeling, art, etc. (We have the right to spend it on what ever thing we want as long as it applies to the game)


So as of right now we have a few things done such as the map, weapons, scripts, etc. We’re going to be changing these and we have the right too at any time. (Map will maybe be redone by @Strongjohnfgamer)

Scripts that are done:

King of the Hill, Swing for money, Sell swings, double jump. (If you’d like to see any of these just message me and I’ll put something together)


So It’s finally the time where we have to make an agreement and come to an understanding. Ok so first off if you’re 18+ we have an agreement you have to sign so to protect both parties and if you’re under 13-17 you and a parental guardian will have to sign too. These agreements with the signatures states that you understand what we’re asking for and it might change at any moment and we have the right to do so; and you understand these are legally binding. If you have any questions please directly contact us as soon as possible if you don’t we’re not responsible after 24 hours. Also you cannot be below 13 no matter what.


So you can contact me here on the Forums, my discord “Strongjohnf#3016”, on Roblox through messaging, or on this Post.

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this post/recruitment from John and I hope you consider joining our family. :smiley:

Moving Entertainment
True Interactive Entertainment!..

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As above, Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

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Investment threads are against the rules, sorry about that.