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[voyage] studios is looking for investors to support an upcoming game based on an RPG, Storytelling, Multi-Universal sandbox set in the Lore of Arcane Adventures (in a different dimension).

We know that many fans tend to bring Arcane Adventures back and thats what our development team is trying to achieve, we want to bring back the nostalgic feeling of crusing the seas with your friends whicle playing nostalgic zelda music and fighting with each other. We are bringing new content everyday with each building put into details and developers looking for ideas and the community supporting us. With the project started in January 2019 we are still continuing to grow with an expected release date between 2-4 months.


We accept anything between 5,000 Robux till 100,000 Robux and somewhere between 20-120 USD, we will use this investment into ads, developing and many more. You will guaranteed receive 25% till investment returned and 10% afterwards more than you have invested.

Game Link: https://www.roblox.com/games/2997816507/Voyage-Worlds



Contact Us/Why should you trust us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: AttilioCaesaris#6044

We are a trustworthy development studio as our content and developers are original and Vetex (the previous owner of Arcane Adventures) has allowed us to take the idea and story of Arcane Adventures (not the actual game itself) and rework it into something beautiful. One of our developers, AngryPhoenixx is currently contracted as an architect to a 157K Active Jedi Group

Thanks for reading and we hope to see any investors soon! :slight_smile:

I suggest you change the tone of this post. Generally, no rules apply to age at all and also this isn’t an application situation. You are looking for help and need funding, making people “apply” to be investors is the wrong word to use. I would love to help you out funding wise as it seems you got a lot going on, whatsoever I have some questions and I think everyone wants them answered as well.

  1. Your return section is very bland, 25% more than the original investment is a horrible return and not worth waiting the time for you to develop this game. Unless this is a game making consistent 1k players I would request to change to percentage of profit. For example: 25% till investment returned and then 10% afterwards would be a great return! I guarantee you more investors would be interested.
  2. It worries me that this took 8 months to make, that’s a very long timeline and not very attractive to investors. If you are able to give us a deadline of 1-2 months at most, a lot more people would be interested.
  3. The credibility section isn’t actually credible haha. By saying you got this game from vetex doesn’t make us trust YOU any better. I’m glad you got capable developers but we are looking for credibility in YOU as the project leader.

Thank you so much for the feedback and it appears i worded my application wrong! I will fix it right away, especially the investment section. It is my first time doing this so thank you.

Of course, no problem. Can you also answer my questions and if they are satisfactory I am happy to help you with funding all the way!

Sure thing! I have made edits to the sections and changed the investment value and my wording. It appears that for the credibility section We took the idea and story of Arcane adventures and completely branded it with new islands and buildings with treasure chests and arena’s. The project has been in development for 8 months now and will release somewhere in between 2-4 months at most!

Added on Discord by Truth#9536. Me and my partner would love to help you out

Thank you so much! I am very honoured!

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