Looking for long term developers that work just for fun and experience

Hey There! , We are Palm Spring Studios , and upcoming development team. We are looking for developers who are good in working in a team and that are doing this just for fun.


We are not working on a game yet but we are thinking of games for the future.

The Team

@burger_withsalat - Manager/ UI Design, Scripter Kinda, Builder
@ OtherAviaLuc, and MazTheDestroyer - Moderator of my discord
@ couldbeyou - GFX
@ couldbeyou - Builder
@ couldbeyou - Scripter
@ couldbeyou - Animator
@ couldbeyou - UI designer


Actually i don’t pay yet because i don’t have enough robux yet this might be a developer group that works just for fun and for experience.


Roblox burger_withsalat

my group Discord

You can contact me on Discord: Palm Spring Studios#1022

NOTE: I won’t just instantly accept you by your words. I will give you an application sheet over text and you will have to fill in everything.

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