Looking for long term group Developers! (read entire post)

Hello I am looking for long term devs for my Roblox group.

*About Me: Hello my name is Dawson I am 14 and the owner and head dev of my Roblox group Dawson Awesome Productions. Our goal as a group is to make fun games for all ages of people to play on Roblox. We currently have 1 modeler developer but we had more but we decided to go our separate ways sadly but don’t let that stop you from joining our group. *

*The Game We Are Making: We are making a hangout/roleplaying game like Life in paradise and adopt and raise a cute baby. We are making a town basically. *

Requirements: There is only really one and that is to be active, now you can have some days off but we are a hard-working team. You also have to be nice to others on the team.

Things we currently need to be made: (for models we can tell you when you contact us)
(for scripting we need the main menu and more instructions will be given when you join, we need it that when u go into a house it makes it so you own it and MORE!!!)

Future Games we want to make: An Old people vs Young people game like those old Roblox games like chef vs cop or something like that. Become a giant cat simulator, A serious piggy like, game with a huge serious story, a hide and seek and more!!! (but we are doing this game first)

*Payment: Since this is our first game we will not be paying you, so yes you will be working for free however AFTER the game gets popular and our group funds go up we will pay you as best we can. We will pay for future games.

Contact Information: You can contact me on Discord DGamer341#4085 and I will contact you within 24 hours!!! :slight_smile:


Hi! Can you maybe section this out and font at it a bit better? It is really just a blob of text, some titles would be nice!


Going to be hard to find long term developers to essentially work for free with no guarantee your game will become popular to even reek the benefits.


Sorry wrong post- but yeah I agree.

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