Looking for low-poly Builder


Hello there! We’re Extrec Incorporated! And we’re an new studio! We’re currently looking for a new builder to join our team!

About Us

We’re still work in progress, with many plans in the future. Our first project will be a futuristic/apocalyptic type of map for our roleplay group.

The Team

@LordIXerocious → Owner/Manager
@NickReddington → Scripter
@ZeValorius → 3D Modeler
@couldbeyou → Builder

About the Job

The job is building a apocalyptic type of map for a military roleplay group. The map will have craters, damaged buildings and ruins. We would like the map to be low-poly. More details will be given when we get in contact with you.


As of payment, we are offering 100 USD as a start. We can pay both in robux and in cash. Payment may increase depending on your work.


Please contact the owner or me on discord if interested in the job:
Owner: XerociousAwakening#5540
Scripter: nick!#1945


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