Looking for low skill devs to join my team

UPDATE: Forgot to make the trello board public but now it is.


Hello, I am Ithurius, Owner of Ithurius Studios. Currently looking for low skill devs to help me with a game. You know the type, ones like me that struggle to find work (I understand the pain too). The game has already been decided as a sandbox esq. factory building game. For anymore questions, contact me.


The game, as mentioned above, will be a factory building game with a plot system like that of Lumber Tycoon 2. It’ll be a long road to completion, but pulling through is what I do best.
For more info on this, please consult this trello board for the development roadmap, that is still being mapped.


You will be payed in percentage of game profit, Which is 12.5% / 14.3% (depending on whether 1 person wills both GUI Artist and GUI Scripter is the percentage) For ALL TEAM MEMBERS (meaning no one gets payed more than the other)


Note: If you are both a GUI Artist and GUI Scripter then the percentage of pay will be the latter of the percentages, if you decide to take on both roles)

Project Manager: @Ithurius

3D Modeler: @Voxi_i

Builder 1: @58Devloped

Builder 2: @Priceythrower67

Scripter 1: @Nitrosteck

Scripter 2: @ArsonMcFlames

GUI Artist: @irishdancer99

GUI Scripter: @ArsonMcFlames


Feel free to contact me at Ithurius#9377


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