Looking For Modelling Exercises

Hey, I’m wanting to be a UGC Creator alright, I know I’m not the best at modelling but I’m trying to get better, does anyone have any ideas on little scenes or such I could make or anything like that to get better?

I’m not looking for UGC Concepts ideas, I’m looking for little scenes or such to get better.

I’m looking for Modelling Exercises, Thanks for your help!

I don’t quite understand what you mean by ‘little scenes’. But I watch a youtuber called RoBuilder, just from watching his videos I sort of understood a little more about blender that might help you get better at modelling.

Try abstractive modelling. It is unusual, but helps creating symmetries and gives an approximate idea of control over a mesh.

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Little scenes:
image image
Also, I watch RoBuilder too but he helps more beginners, I’m more intermediate.

Could you give me a few Images or Videos or such that would help me, thanks!

oh okay, that makes sense. sorry im not really a modeller lol

Here’s a video by Blender Guru that covers modelling exercises that you can do.

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Great! I was looking through the video and… “Household objects” Some pretty normal stuff, door handles, toasters and grenades! @DuckRealm

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