Looking for more feedback on my game

I’m back with another post about my turn based rpg project I’ve done a lot more work since my last post and so I’d like some more feedback and see what people think of it the game is still nowhere near complete although since my last post I’ve updated ui, added quests and a leveling system and so it’s starting to become more of a proper game now.

It’s still very buggy and code is poop, but feel free to point out any bugs, but yeah any feedback and thoughts here is the game

p.s: Click the grey box with the text on it to open the warp menu to teleport to enter battle and you can walk into the tavern and click on the bartender to open shop.


Very nice, building is quite simple and pretty, and the actual gameplay is pretty good for a WIP. The UI is nice enough, but I found out that you regen HP without the use of items. I tried out the farthest warp possible, and I got hit, but I was regenning my health very quickly. But pretty much everything that I’ve tried works up to the standard it needs to be, which is great. Good luck on your project! :cool:

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Very nice. Obviously alot of stuff needs to be worked on (Animations, textures, combat system, I.E) but for the most part it’s nice. For RPG games like this you’ll need to find a way to grab the players, a catch to it, rather than it just being a basic RPG game (a story maybe). I can’t really comment on a whole lot considering there’s not alot implemented.

Remember to turn of health regeneration so you don’t just keep healing during battle.

Keep working on it, I’d like to see where this is headed!


Yeah I haven’t thought about how to keep the player invested yet and I’m not too sure how good of a story I can make the current plan is just to use the tavern and let players upgrade it and stuff as they play and get richer, but yeah.

Also for health thing good idea lmao I haven’t touched that yet should probably go do that though.