Looking for NEW, CREATIVE and ORIGINAL game ideas! [up to R$ 3k + bonuses]

Hey there! I am Awesome Dev and I am currently looking for a person has a new, creative and original game idea and concept. This person will give the original game idea, then carefully plan out the game. We are looking for all sorts of genres, simulator, story, ect. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience building or scripting, we just need the ideas!

Your job:
Give a new, creative and ORIGINAL (cannot be a copy or rip-off of another game) idea.

Plan out the game. (If it’s a story, for example, write the story with multiple endings)

Be active and constantly give new ideas and thoughts

If you have a good idea and are creative, this should be easy money!

Must be creative

Must give time to this

Must have discord

Must be mature (+13 preferred)

To apply:


Game Ideas Application form

Apply your game idea here! Please be as detailed as possible. I will not contact you if you just leave your discord username.

Fill out this form. Please do not contact me about this, we will reach out to users whom we like.

Payment: You will recieve up to 3k robux when the game is released.

Bonuses may apply, we can talk pricing if you are hired.

Thanks! Looking forward to listening to all your ideas!


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