Looking for opinions on this style

I am currently making some sort of devil head, and at first I was struggling to think of a way to model the shape of the head, eventually I came to a method of using a mesh head created by roblox, and then moulding parts around it to form a shell. I’m not sure if it looks great though, so I would love to hear your opinions of my WIP before i spend too much time using a bad technique.


The building style is a good kind of unique, imo you could use unions to make cracks in the horns depending on what type of horns your going for, you could also try use colour variations etc. using a darker shade of grey when near the top of the horns or darker shade at the bottom and lighter shade at the top, your technique uses a lot parts but it also adds more detail and curvature.

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Thanks for the kind words, also great idea about the cracks in the horns, I’ll give it a go.

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Looks good by just looking at it. However the lighting and position could be a little more better. As Mijiryu said, you can use unions to make it look even more unique.

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Hey Developer,

First of all, I agree with everyone else, who said the horns are unique, which they indeed are.

It’s an original style, and I’ll tell you something;

I’ve been on Roblox since late 2016, and over the past 3.5 years on Roblox, I have never seen something incredibly unique and original like this before.

In my opinion, It’s really, really nice.

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Thanks so much! :smiley: (30 chars)

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Wow, this is amazing!

I really like the style of it and as the others above said it is unique. I don’t really have any criticism, its really good and personally I think its fantastic.

Keep it up! :smile:

Really cool style and a new one. I usually see stuff like stuff made in blender or cinema 4d. Nice job!