Looking for partner progammer! MONEY


Hello, my name is Alex , I’m 17 and I’m looking for a serious partner that is willing to make some buck with me. I have worked in the past for big names in the Developer Community, and have been working in the 3D domain/building since 2008.

Portfolio: https://nedelcu.cc


I am looking to make a social game with the group focus being kids aged 6-10;

I’ll be working with a cartoonish attractive not too eye blinding graphics.

Looking for someone that can listen to what I want them to do.

I’ll be also making the UI & Game Design.


  • Similar experience to mine.
  • Serious, mature and active.
  • Happy being, 16 years or older.

im a little interested, what are you going to have to do in the game?

I’m interested in portfolio first, add me on discord. If I’m satisfied we can continue the discusion

can i have the discord then lol

What tasks are you expecting the scripter to do? Also, how much will the scripter be paid?

You want to see an portfolio through Discord first but don’t even provide the username…?

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Contact me on discord! Vozcom#0001

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