Looking for people who are can help me making the camera like standard issue

Hello, DevForumer!
Today is a good day huh? Ah… yes, I’m off-topic.
Let’s get into the topic, I’ve been planning to make the camera like standard issue by using a spring module and I’ve worked on it for half a month now. Could anyone help me make it like that?

Standard issue - Camera Movement video.
Walk and Sprint: https://streamable.com/w1g22z
Stances: https://streamable.com/bq2eev

If you could help me right that it’s would be really good!
Thank you, if you could help me right that!

My English might look a bit bad if you can’t read it, I’m sorry. I am Asian And English is not my main language! :sweat_smile:

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Hey, since it’s first person and it’s replicated, just moving the actual player’s camera cframe along with their head would work, moving it down on the y axis for stances, for walking just tilt it either side by 45 or so degress on the x axis.

You can make this transition smooth by using either tweening, or animating the actual object itself. More information on Camera.CFrame.

:thinking: As far as I have read It’s like I’ve done it before but I think using the spring module, wouldn’t be better? Player head cframe camera is a little bit wanky wanky little bit like when you walking forward and the camera like shaking like earthquake something right that.

I’m not exactly sure as to what you mean but if you’re using a camera module then just follow the documentation or usage instructions.
Setting the camera’s CFrame would look somewhat choppy yes, which is why I suggested tweening or animating it.