Looking For Programmer For Dress Up Game (150-250$ Monthly)

About Me

Hello! I am a scripter for a studio called Lunar Glow Studios. It is made up of many talented builders and modelers. It is meant to be a Royale High inspired dress up game with many features such as minigames and clothing competitions.

About the Job

I am no longer able to maintain the game in its current status due to other offers so I need someone to take my place. I have the dress up sytems completed already so you will only need to finish whatever is left such as pets/inventory/etc.


In order to apply you must be familiar with these concepts

  • Must Have Atleast 1 Year Of Scripting on the platform
  • Single Script Architecture
  • ProfileService By Loleris
  • Knowledge Of the Roblox Character System Such as Motor6Dā€™s and etc

You must also be 15 Years or Older to apply for this position.


We are offering 150-250 USD a month. This can increase though if the game does well upon release.


You can contact me with my discord @jakebball11#3826. Once I get back to you i can add you to the game discord where you can have contact with the owner at all times. At first I will walk you through my current dress up system and how my game framework runs. If you have any questions during the development of the game or have any questions involving the dress up system I will be avaliable in the team discord.

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