Looking for programmer for Potioneer, a smaller scale summer project!

I am looking for a programmer to work with me on Potioneer, which should be a smaller to medium scale simulator-esque game where players progress through worlds killing enemies with potions. I will provide a document with more information to people who apply.

As the programmer, you would be programming everything from game mechanics to the UI. I will be doing the 3D modeling, advertising, marketing, and UI, as well as anything else that is crucial to the game’s development and release. You are welcome to collaborate on other aspects of the game as well.

You should be moderately experienced and should be able to program back-end, as well as systems that involve physics (potion throwing) and enemy AI (enemies and their attacks).

You would be paid 50% of all game profits, and if the project flops after launch I can pay up to 100 USD through PayPal.

To learn more about the project and to apply, contact me on Discord: Bob123#3039

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