Looking for R15 animator to make weapon animations

I’m looking for an experienced R15 animator to make weapon animations for my new game
My plan is to 100% use roblox animation system with animation blending (setting weights) except for the following: custom joint modifications for facing the camera lookVector, recoil and sway
If you believe there may be a better alternative, I am 100% open to doing it. This is my first time making a high quality weapon system so this will be a learning process for me.

The animations should be somewhat exaggerated - a good example would be the fortnite pickaxe
They should be very high quality and feel AMAZING to the user

There will be some traditional weapons (like shotguns and rifles) but also creative elemental weapons in this game
I will provide more information on the specifics and the game idea and progress privately on discord (add me if you’re interested Acreol#6530 - I’m putting it here and not somewhere else to make sure I find someone who is serious about this, THIS WILL TAKE TIME)

I’m willing to pay with either an initial flat fee or % profit until you reach a certain amount and I can pay with robux, paypal, or bank transfers – idk if you really want % profit we can probably work something out…
Payment is however much you want, I want it to be something that you feel comfortable with and that (along with the game and animations themselves) will motivate you to work hard

I’m not really sure how many hours I expect you to put into this game, we can discuss that since I imagine different animators have different scenarios

Anyways, I’m really excited about this game, and I want an animator who is just as excited too. So if you’re looking for a project to really dive into, this is 100% for you

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