Looking for Scripter for RP game



Mostly just curious to see if anyone is interested, everything on my side is done(mosly)

My project is a large feline(tiger/lion/puma) roleplay based game. The character is able to customize their feline(colors/accessories/ect) and spawn in with smoothly running animations as a baby, juvenile, or adult size feline. During roleplay, the player can interact with the environment around them such as picking up meat or toys they might find. Finally, the user can claim a cave as their home, lock their home’s door and has access to any interactables and amazing views from their home. The rest of the game is left to the player’s imagination.

Looking for:
I’m looking for a scripter who is also good with UI design.
The assets/click detectors/animations/house parts/ customization pieces are all ready to be integrated into the game

I’d like to split funds 50/50%

Discord Erythia#2015 for the quickest response (must send a friend request)
Or dm me here on dev forums!
Thank you

Core animations:
Walk: https://gyazo.com/f424e592f8bc5b0651b8fe64f88af8a4
Run: https://gyazo.com/82158966410991e7248a6de58fdc6397
Idle: https://gyazo.com/f90b6c056b7692860373c4ce17ac1d7e

Map Shots:

Accessory/addon example:


That’s some amazing content you have already! Good luck to all the scripters applying.


Thanks! There’s a lot more but I didn’t wanna show all the secrets haha :sweat_smile:


I would go through with this if I wasn’t already swamped


Amazing work with the building, wish I could help with the scripting though!


I will send you a friend request on discord. I’d like to check the game out myself.
or Add me since I can’t add you

  • SYKOxXVenomXx#4070


haha wait a second.

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