Looking For Scripter! (FPS game)

One of the many guns that will be included in the game.

About the Team

I am currently one of two developers here at Partially Productions, and I am a builder, artist, and I can do quite a bit of scripting. I am looking for developers to join the team and help me work on my new game! I am looking for Scripters and UI designers.

The Team
@Partially_Dev - Builder
@Pud_Box - Modeler
You! - Scripter
You! - UI designer
@Pud_Box - Builder

About The Game

It’s a Futuristic FPS called “Hot Zone”. Its going to be like arsenal, but with Bad Business style Character customization and movement. Players will be robots, similar to IG-11 in star wars, and different Robot parts will give them different abilities. Example: A player could equip a flamethrower for close range melee. Different attachments will give people abilities, such as faster run speed, higher jump height, short range flight, mine planting, ect.

About The Job

I am looking for professional developers to join the team, and help me make my new futuristic FPS game “Hot Zone”.

Scripters - Must be able to script a full FPS game including UI, Weapons, Round systems, Ect.
UI designers - Must be able to provide high quality UI for the game.


As I am still a small developer, I have only 56 Robux at the time of this being written. Because of that, I have no Robux to pay up front, but I can offer 20% of revenue FOREVER, unless you quite, in which you will be given one more month of payment before being cut off of payment entirely. Depending on game revenue, I will be paying bonuses to all team members who do what they have worked hard. (Bonuses will come out of my own payment.) More Robux will be given in other ways too.

Contact Me

You can contact me via Discord Partially_Dev#8658 or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/Partially_Dev

No age limit!

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:

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