Looking for scripter to script very simple admin commands for no pay [Open]

About Us

Hello, I am iWillUseTheRemote. I am a co-owner of BluGear Development. I am looking for a scripter to script very simple admin commands.

About the Job

The admin commands must include, kick ban, kill, teleport, noclip, clip, and shutdown server.


This is a no pay job, however, you will get credit for the work you complete.

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No one is going to do this for free. I suggest using a library admin command they are there for a reason.


Use open sourced models, and don’t expect anybody to do something like this for free

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No one would do this for free i recommend paying them, and in addition please use the HD free model admin commands as they are free for a reason thank you and have a good day

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With no payment included there isn’t much luck. I highly recommend you use such open sourced models alike Basic Admin Essentials 2.0, though as mentioned if you like commands such as :kill, some more fun commands I recommend Adonis as it has commands for every liking, fun commands and professional commands if that’s the right way to word it.


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