Looking for scripters for a rhythm game im working on! [CLOSED] read post!

I have stopped working on this game due to my lack of motivation, you can still try to motivate me, but i most likely wont even try to get back to developing the game.

So, I’ve been a fan of this rhythm game called FNF (Friday Night Funkin’), and me and @Dev_Peashie are working on basically making a game like that and since this’ll take a long time to replicate all the mechanics in the game, we need some more people, I can’t afford to pay but if you’re also a fan of the game and want to help you can! (since its basically a roblox replica of the game we wont be monetizing it, and will only add donations for the people that want to donate, and I will also link the itch.io page in the description of the game.) If you want to see the original game for yourself, click on this link!


  • Must know how to work with sprite sheets
  • thats pretty much it

My discord username is food#1943 dm me on discord or the forums if you’re interested!



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