Looking for Scripters/3D Modelers

About Us
We are a hotel & resort group! “Luxury Hotel & Resort”
We just started making the group, and looking for developers!

About the Job

  • You must be 13+
    -Must be in EEST/GMT
  • Developers who apply must work 3-5 hours a day!
  • You got to have a showcase to show us
  • Our Dev team will need to make: The main Hotel and training center.

We need 3d modelers and scripters!

As a developer in our group, you are granted:
-Perms to change and edit our games.
-Creating clothing

Payment is negotiable, I’m pretty flexible with the price! I pay in Robux!

Contact Me
Contact me in devforum: @XxNoyaTheQxX
Contact me on Discord/Dizzy: Itz_Me_Chucky#4997

Some information about the roles needed and what each person would do would really help, also you should probably add what you want the dev team to create.


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