Looking for scripting partner

About Me

Hi, I’m InvisibleCrumb, and I’m a 3D modeller. I’ve been modelling for more than two years now. I’m also in high school as of now and I want to make video games to earn money to support me in college. I’m planning to make this game with just one other person.

The Team
@InvisibleCrumb - Modeller
YOU - Scripter

About The Job

I’m looking for a long term scripter to be my partner in making my game idea into a reality. I’m currently working on the game by myself. I make the 3D models. My idea is vaguely based on piracy on the east coast of Africa in the 21st century (More details will be shared if you’re interested). It’s very different from other pirate games on Roblox. I’m also open to revisions and how you think the game could be better.

My game is far from done and I estimate it will take 2-6 months depending on real-life variables.


You’ll be paid at least 30% of the game’s revenue.

Contact Me

My main form of communication is Discord. Send me a message if you’re interested: InvisibleCrumb #1842
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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