Looking for some feedback on my Menu UI

Hi All,

I have been working on some UI for the main menu of my upcoming swordfighting game.
It is in an unfinished state, but I figured I would ask for some feedback from others to make sure I am on the right track.

I have iterated on the design of my UI a lot, originally I had it looking like this:

I was happy with the visuals of the design, but felt it didn’t really match the style of game I was making; I aim to have an experience that is casual and appealing to a younger audience as well as an older one. The maps are also low poly and the game itself is round based, so I opted for something more bubbly:

I decided with this one to blur out the map in the background (camera angle not finalised) to keep players (mentally) in the map even when they are in the menu between deaths/rounds. I really want to promote a casual, jump in/out round-based experience. For the visuals they are similar to the first but with a “fall guys” inspired vibe to make it more playful.

I think I am going in a better direction than before with the UI; however, I wanted some feedback on the second one from the community before I continue on. (The content of the UI is unfinished and the panel to the right is empty.)

Any thoughts? Feedback? Suggestions?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks pretty decent, there are some areas where there could be more padding, or the padding is a little off.

Like here, you could increase the padding between the headers and the elements.


And on the buttons your padding could also be increased and the text needs to be centred better.

But all around a pretty good design, well done.


I really like it! Some things you could maybe make better would be:
The deathmatch timer could be auto sized to fit the text. Maybe get rid of the ui stroke on the buttons but not on the info frames. The current map button could be a map icon and then the castle text instead of saying “current map: castle” Maybe spice up the fonts a little. If you want it to be on mobile (which I highly recommend) then just make sure it looks good on mobile and everything is big and bold enough on smaller screens so it can easily be seen but not too much either because then it will look bad. Hope this helps😜

I actually kinda like the padding but you have a good point. Btw, the first image is the old one he said

Just an update on some of my newest changes to the UI, here is what it looks like currently:

I am eager to hear your thoughts/suggestions on the new design

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