Looking for some feedback on some of the assets for my game

I’m relatively new to designing so I’m looking for some feed about these assets I have created. The game is going to be an action RPG and the style I’m going for is a sorta “sharp but soft” look. Also I want to mention this my first post on here so if I’m doing anything wrong please let me know.

Here is the battle UI.

On the right is the status UI for the player. SP stands for Stamina Power and MP for Magic Power. (Take a wild guess what health stands for.) In the bottom you can see two icons. One with a sword and one with a staff. These will change places depending on what class the player has equipped.
On the left will be regenerative items. So far I only have the healing potion icon done but there will be speed carrots and magic berries soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read!


Looks really nice, and fits the idea of it being “sharp but soft”.

However, is that the final size of the UI? Seems a little too large and takes up a lot of the screen.

Good start so far. Here’s my suggestions:

  1. Decrease size (use Scale preferably and UIAspectRatioConstraint)
  2. The black is a no-go unless for shadows and outlines and sometimes text… I suggest usinng a light grey or eliminating the background on the health, sp, and mp bars totally.

Probably looks that way because It’s just the bottom half of my screen and not my full screen. Here is how the UI would be scaled to in game.