Looking for some one to make me a "card" template

Hey, so I’m looking for some one to make me a relatively simple UI element, a card template. The best example I can give you is, have you ever played a game like Madden where there’s a store and you can buy packs? When you buy the pack, there’s these “cards” you can interact with. You click on them, then they reveal the item and item stats on the card.

The card I’m using right now is quite bland, and I feel could use some improvement in terms of the graphic for it. But I would like the new card to match or compliment my existing UI.

I can provide you with more details on this job if you’re interested. Please contact me on Discord to further discuss this.


Negotiable. Probably not willing to go over 2-3k Robux for this though, as I think this is not super hard to design. But we can discuss pricing obviously.


My Discord tag is Simply_Dev2#9178



Still looking for some one. If the payment is throwing you off, I put that there just as a baseline. It’s negotiable, it’s on the lower end of the spectrum because I feel like what I’m asking for is pretty simple to make, and it’s only a single UI element. If I ask for more, obviously we can adjust the price. :slight_smile:

Can you send me a picture of what you want?

This is a very raw example of the concept. So you have the golden football which is a resource/item you can collect, and there’s also the football players (in my case it’s bowlers though.) which show you the stats and stuff.

The template I’d need would vary from this, but this is just to show you the overall concept of what I’d need.

Image: https://i.imgur.com/sEBnYNL.png

Ahh I see! I can do this!
30char 30 char

Sweet! Can you friend me on Discord so we can talk about everything??

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