Looking For Someone Good With Money And Math

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We just started out, and we need someone good at math, well sort of.

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We need someone to help get us some accurate numbers on how much I should spend on ads, how much I should spend on development help, etc. This is more of a discussion thing, but I’m only a new member. They need to be able to answer me when I need answers.

No payment, its just advice I need anyway.

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Erm, don’t think it is necessary to give payment when it is only 25 robux. Although, I have to address that this is not an easy job at all.

If you don’t have experience, you can barely call yourself compentent enough to answer these questions.

A word of advice; most games don’t need any money spent on adveritising if they’re good. If you’re making a simulator (or any other type of burn out games). I’d spend 5k-10k in the beginning to test the water. Amp it up another by putting 10-15k after the response is good and then distribute 30-50k over a long period of time to maintain a player count. Simulators usually have terrible retention for D7- M1+ and that is why I wouldn’t adveritise much after 1 or 2 months has elapsed since your peak (for the game)


Wow. I would give you 25 :robux_gold: for that explanation.


Advice like this isn’t anything worth to be locked behind payment. I rather see someone succeed than not.


I’m a bit insteresed, but can i help even if i’m at 8th grade?, since i’m not someone advanced at math, but i think i’m a bit good on that. Any payment is accepted

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Ok, I got someone who told me some stuff. I have $60. He said to spend 20 in the first ad launch and then spend the other 40 in other ad launches. I may get investors too. The game is an FPS and it is fairly good.

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60 Robux…? That is not going to do anything, you know? The best ads may get around 2.5% CTR (which is insane; not seen it. Almost an urban legend)

And with 60 robux you are going to get below 5k impressions.
To put it into perspective (ads with an average of .75% CTR) - you will get aprox. 40 players. But you are not even spending it all on one go…

This completely diminishes any players to even press play.

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I am going to get an investor.


Perhaps he means USD considering he didn’t put R$ ?

Dear OP,
I would suggest going to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support and getting advice there instead of hiring someone to do it for you.
Also, remember scripters should be paid the most + if you aren’t doing anything don’t allot much for yourself.

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I meant 60 USD, not 60 :robux_gold:. If I only had that much, I would not even consider creating a game.

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