Looking for someone to 3D model some specific tree/shrubbery types

Hi I’m looking for someone to 3D model some trees for me. They have to be made as Meshes (not built in studio) & I have specific requests about how I want them to look/function (ex: I want thin branches/leaves with no transparency). I’ll need other models like shrubs, grass, and various tree types.

Pay is negotiable, I prefer PayPal but group funds transfer is fine as well. Pay will vary quite a bit depending on the quality of the mesh, the responsiveness of the modeler, and how many models are made. For 2-3 trees, a few rocks/shrubs, and maybe some grass I expect the minimum pay to be $40, but can go higher if the modeler goes above and beyond.

If you’re interested please DM me on the dev forums with a showcase of some of your prior work and how free your schedule is. I’m hoping to get this done soon.


Do u want it low poly ? Dm me in discord or Twitter if yes if not reply with no pls discord is : ZeXelDev#8308 Twitter is : @zexeldev

I’m not 100% sure yet but I think this offer may be closed. I’ll update the thread in an hour or so to let you guys know.


Do you have Discord? I can contact you with a few examples attached.

Is this low Polly, or realistic?

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