Looking for someone who can create a bot/script to exile all of the fake account in a group of mine


A group I own, Lunar Military was “botted” with thousands of fake spam accounts into the group. This tarnishes the reputation and quality of the group. We have gotten all (61,000) fake accounts into one rank with the other (2500) real members into a separate rank. I am in need of someone who possesses, or will script a new way to remove all of the fake accounts from the group.


Payment will be discussed in DMs. It can range from a large robux payment or percentage of revenue from the upcoming game Lunar Mission. This is quite urgent so I am willing to pay high for this problem to be solved, thank you!

Email roblox instead about this. They will get this resolved.


Why’s there SO many bots in your group?!? Thats SO many!

Thats what I’m saying!? Idk how to remove them all

The group has been unbolted thanks to @H_mzah who coded a script
Thanks man!

Was your group botted recently or was it a while ago? Just curious.

The group was botted before I claimed ownership of the group.

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