[Looking for Submissions] Track Builder

Critical-20 Studios is Looking for builders to submit Tracks for their Upcoming Kart Racer: "Roblox Racers"

About Us

Hello! I am CasuallyCritical, and I have designed games that have obtained over 10 Million Combined visits for Studios like R2 Interactive.

However as of last month I am now branched out as a solo developer…In time for a game to be worked on!

My current project is a Kart-Racer called “Roblox Racers” and while I have some tracks designed for testing, I am by no means a builder, this is why I’m looking for Submissions for the game!


  1. All payments are on a finished project basis: You finish the work, you get paid.

This is NOT a guaranteed payment, I need to have a model in my possession before I confirm any payments.

  1. Tracks should not be complete copies or obvious derivatives of tracks from Existing games

Example: Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64, or a copy of Cortex Castle from Crash Team Racing

  1. Your finished tracks should be submitted in a .rbxm format

Out of security concerns, I cannot send you copies of the Kart-Controller scripts, as they are extremely delicate. I will however be more than willing to give you references on the kart model to aid with the sizing of the track.

  1. Before I request a commission, you should submit a copy of your Portfolio, so I can gauge your work.

Art Style may be a factor! This is a Cartoony-Stylized Kart Racer, so I may be more inclined to builders who can fit the mold!

You can see our progress so far on this developer log playlist.

Here is a reference to our Karts art style to give you a reference



We are willing to pay either USD or Robux for a commission, we prefer USD for simplicity.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum,
via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/VNLASSBM ,
or on Discord at: CasuallyCritical#9862
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

We hope you consider applications!

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