Looking for testers for a game in early development

Hello! I’m looking for a few people to mess around and test things in a game i’m delevoping, it’s currently quite early in development and doesn’t have that many things to test, but since most “core” features have already been implemented, i want to be sure they work properly before moving ahead.

The game is a RPG (Although the whole stat and skills part is currently backend only) bullethell game, players and NPCs can fly around and shoot different bullet patterns and whoever runs out of lives first loses.

I’m mostly interested in finding optimization bugs (since i’m sure theres a lot) and suggestions to already implemented features.

Here is the game link, you can either message me feedback, leave it on the group wall or send it on the Discord.

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Played the game, its fun and has lots of potential.

Id suggest that when locked onto an enemy, your health moves from the bottom left to above the player, as when in combat knowing that information is important and reading it at the bottom can be difficult. Same with the enemies, although dont know if they have health as I hit some guy like 10+ times and he never died.
When I got hit and my shield came up, the shield messed up my aiming. As my mouse was over my shield, causing me to aim backwards. Assuming this is because the part doesnt have can query turned to false.
Hitting enemies was pretty difficult, because of my projectiles speed but also the pattern. Reading your post though you talk of other patterns, so that would probably help this issue (a shotgun spread pattern, rapid fire, raycast laser etc). But I still found it difficult with the current pattern. (not sure if you can change patterns in the demo)

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Thanks for the feedback, i fixed up most of the issues like enemies with infinite health, the shield messing with bullets and the positioning of the GUI, i still haven’t decided exactly on how to fix up the patterns but i do plan on implementing rapid fire and laser bullets, for now i’ll make them spread a bit to make it easier to hit moving targets.