Looking for unique/creative game ideas

I’m not sure if this is the right category, but I’ve looked carefully around and this category seems to be the most fitting for this topic.

Please don’t call me stupid for making this post, I’ve seen other posts about “help with game ideas”.

It’s almost impossible for me to come up with any ideas, or even find them. I’m currently trying my best to think of any ideas to make a game, yet to find none…

I’m wondering if any of you can inspire me to make something unique, and creative.
I’m currently mostly interested in roblox terrain procedural generation, building, and survival.
(I’m trying to not get too close to this game, because I can imagine them being upset.)
Do any of you have any ideas, if so, please do comment, because I’m desperate…

Edit: Provide me with some ideas so I can actually get started with something.


Hmm, for some reason the game you mentioned does not work when I join it, so it’s hard to tell what it’s about.

From personal experience, it’s hard to come up with a game idea just sitting at a table thinking about whatever. Most of my ideas come from playing other games. “Hm, that’s a cool concept, but I think it would be better if they did the following…”

I tried to think of even a prompt to help you with your endeavor, but like I said, just thinking on the spot is not super effective. My recommendation? Play / watch gameplay of games that feature procedural generation. Take notes. List what you like and what you don’t. And keep your expectations achievable.

Hope this helped!


When I create games, I like to use inspiration for my games. I don’t completely copy the game block by block, but I do some compromising.

Some questions you should ask yourself when creating an inspiration-based game:

  • What does this game NOT have that I can use to engage my audience even further?

  • How can my style differ from this game? (e.g If said game uses cartoon graphics, maybe I can create a semi-realistic look while still looking cartoony)

  • Why are you using this game for inspiration? Is it because it’s popular or it caught your eye?

  • Does your idea that you brainstormed seem fun to create? Would you feel accomplished if you finish this game and it doesn’t perform well?


You have to wait for the terrain to generate, my bad, I didn’t mention that.

@darthbl0xx @ijmod

Thank you for your suggestions, but I’m wondering what you, developers, could help me with some unique/creative ideas.

I’ve tried exploring the vast majority of Roblox to get inspiration, but nothing seems to inspire me to do anything.

For looking for unique game ideas you should find things that inspire you, mostly use inspiration when attempting to gather game ideas or brainstorm ideas they haven’t been created on the platform and something your willing to build and play.

You can either take that inspiration from existing games, images, and other platforms out there to create your own creative idea to implement inside your game. Find what game you’ll enjoy - or interested in I’ll normally strive for games that haven’t been created on the platform whether it be a a unique roleplay game, first person shooter games or something along those lines.

Think about what genre you’ll play or would enjoy to play find something such different genres, adventure, fps, action, ect. It would give you some motivation to keep improving your game and more try finding something that’s interesting, look for inspiration and create something that hasn’t been made on the Roblox platform.

Here is a thread related for finding unique game ideas it may be something that’ll be helpful I’m checking out:

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Fish eat smaller fish and grow up to eat the bigger fish.

Work from that.

call it… Seamulator

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Simulator games are way to mainstream on Roblox, they’re getting quite boring (just being honest, not to hurt your feelings), I would rather want to make something enjoyable that people want to keep playing.

But also, that was quite unique/creative, like “Seamulator”, the idea of small fish gets eaten by large fish reminds me of some og io games.

There are no unique game ideas or mechanics anymore in my opinion. Though these are just ideas that build up the bigger picture. Your game mechanics may be inspired by many games you may enjoy playing and that’s perfectly fine. At the end of the day what makes a game “unique” or “creative” is that they use game mechanics in a way where it feels like a new experience. These game mechanics may of been used in thousands of game prior but they may feel new when used in conjunction with other mechanics.

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it’s not a simulator… like those grindy cash grab games.

It’s a seamulator that evokes feelings of freedom.

Oh, I see… That seems quite interesting. But sadly it doesn’t catch up to my interests, so I’d prefer not make that…

A cool idea for me would be to make a creative game, because people would do amazing things with it if you have a lot of good features
(My opinion)