Looking for Voluntary Developers

I am looking for a Developer to help me start a ROBLOX Roleplay Game.
For now I will be looking for
X2 Builders
X1 Scripter

I am looking for developers and a scripter to help me make a game for the role play category. The game we will be making will mainly rely on gamepasses ect to be able to succeed quicker in the game e.g Buying a house (Not having to work)
the game will be based on a real town in UK; England and we will be working as hard as we can to make it as realistic as possible.

:Builder Details:
Be able to build a basic town with modern houses and roads, Be able to build Realistic Buildings such as Banks/shops.

We will be looking to pay all developers once the group has opened as the income from the group/gamepasses ect will be split to all developers ect who have helped create the game.

We are mainly looking for voluntary developers and scriptes

You are able to contact me for more details on this.
My discord is θΏ¦ε‹’πŸ”±#4856 feel free to message me at any time!



im interested send you a friend request Sparkly#9638

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