Looking into hiring a user interface designer! [Closed]


Greetings. So I’m looking into hiring yet another UI designer, I would pay in Robux, and basically what would need to be done is for the whole user interface in my game to be remade. I would like custom graphics, like with Photoshop or stuff. Not literal design with existing Roblox elements.

Here’s the game:

My Discord is Simply_Dev, if you wanna shoot me a FR on there, I’m fine with that. Pay would vary for this, whatever you would think would be reasonable for it. Also, I’m not looking into something that looks exactly like this, but perhaps even a completely new style/approach to this UI.

Just reply to this thread if interested. Thanks!


Would contact @Bylocks
Feel free to check out his portfolio! Typically about 50k for an entire game.


Wow, well I gotta say, that’s a bit out of my price range…

Anyone else??


You should also include the 4 digits after the hashtag of your discord handle. They won’t be really able find you without it :wink:


I could do it for around 5-10k, hmu on discord - Elon Musk#0002


Oopsie, I did forget the tag. Didn’t think it was necessary.

Thanks for all the replies guys! Right now, I have like 3 people that contacted me, including Kit. So I’m gonna check out everyone and reply to this thread if I’m still in need. But till then, I’m going to mark this thread as solved.

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