Looking to be hired (A new Beginning)

I’m just looking for a new start. I thought i was headed on the right track, but i took to many skips up and got myself in a pickle, so i’m just trying to find developers who can hire me for experience and maybe work on your game. I can build, but its not the best of buildings and top quality. I’m still learning and just want experience to help me with my current game development…

I lost all my other building photos because my pc broke last week, so i lost all my blender files and everything i needed. I also got my discord account hacked on that week my pc broke. I lost all my members to the group. This really hurts, but its not gonna stop me from learning.

My discord-Imanuggetgod_Dev#0110

These are some of the work i’ve made solo…


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I like your motivation. hey, Keep your head up. I know someones gonna hire you soon.

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Thank you. This message really helps <3


Yes. I’ve progressed now. I updated my portfolio. I’m earning about 30 bucks a week. Thanks for the motivation pal!

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