Looking to Commission Scripter for RPG Character Creation Menu

Greets! I’m the creator of Ofeilia, a work-in-progress historical fantasy literary roleplay game that I plan to monetize and promote more seriously in the coming months. It originated as a passion project created as something I knew I would like to play, and I’m only just now polishing it up for the rest of the public’s eyes, rather than the niche little community of mutual friends it has currently garnered.

I have thus far gotten away with making the map showcase-quality to compensate for my ineptitude in Lua, but I can only get away with my half-baked spaghetti-code for so long. I may be looking to hire a scripter with a percentage of the game’s profits in the future, but with my currently low budget I’m just looking to commission the essentials - and essential this job is, for what is an RPG without proper character customization?

About The Job

As my project is a roleplay game with an emphasis on character work, I am looking for a scripter (preferably with experience in UI design) who can create a functional character customization menu for my game, including tabs for hairstyles and hair color, skin color, faces, accessories, and clothing (shirt and pants combos). I’ll provide all the meshes and textures.

Examples include World of Magic’s character creation menu, and that of Royale High.

I am looking for a color wheel for the skin and hair colors if possible. The hair colors rely on the mesh texture’s VertexColor property, so I don’t know how doable this is. If a color wheel is impossible, I’m fine with instead implementing a few preset RGB codes to choose from.

Accessories will include things like hats, capes, skirts, and potentially handheld items like staffs, canes, and parasols.


My budget is $60 USD or :robux_light:5,000, paid either through PayPal or group funds. The price is negotiable, as I am not a programmer and don’t have a full scope of how difficult this job may be. I am willing to pay half upfront, and half when the product is done; or completely upfront, if you have a sizeable portfolio and history of completed commissioned work.


Feel free to shoot me a message here on the devforum, my Twitter, or my Discord, Masquerata#2698.

Thank you for considering! You’re free to contact me if you have any questions. :derp:

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