Loop stops working after 1 run

Whenever I run the following code, I only get the “Working” print once, sometimes twice, even though from my understanding of the code it should run over and over again every second. After doing some print testing, I found out that the code stops printing anything after the first for loop. I’ve never run into this problem before

local currentLocation = nil
local wasFound = false

while true do
	for currentPart, section in pairs(workspace.locationChangers:GetChildren()) do
		local pos1, pos2 = (section.Position - section.Size / 2), (section.Position + section.Size / 2)
		local region = Region3.new(pos1, pos2)
		local playersFound = game.Workspace:FindPartsInRegion3(region)
		for i, playersInArea in pairs(playersFound) do
			if playersInArea:FindFirstAncestor(char) then
				if currentLocation ~= currentPart.placeName.Value then
					--Change the Location--
					currentLocation = currentPart.placeName.Value
					wasFound = true
					print("working")--(section.placeName.Value, section.placeOST.Value, section.placeAmbience.Value, section.placeDescription.Value)
		--They weren't found--
		if wasFound == false then
			print("working")--("The Voidzone", nil, game.SoundService.voidzone, "A place beyond the 4 realms, where nothing should exist, yet you're watched as you travel through the flat land", game.Lighting.voidzoneColorCorrection)
	wasFound = false

So if you put a print on the next line, it won’t print more than once or twice?

Right below for currentPart, section in pairs(workspace.locationChangers:GetChildren()) do, I put “print(‘looped’)” and it runs twice and then doesn’t run again. No errors in the output either. I know the loop is still running because I put a print below while true do and it prints every second

I figured the issue out, one of the parts I had was unanchored and flung itself into the void so there was nothing to loop through lol

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