Los Angeles Airways | Training Guidelines

Los Angeles Airways | Training Guidelines

This is a training guide for the ROBLOX group, Los Angeles Airways. Information listed here is subject to change with or without notice. Any questions? Message a member of the Executive Team through our communications server.

Written by the Executive Team at Los Angeles Airways.

Training Schedule

Los Angeles Airways has scheduled training sessions throughout each day of the week. Keep in mind, all training sessions are not guaranteed to commence on time, or at all. All training sessions listed below are listed in the Eastern Time Zone. For more information, seek the trello board: Trello Board

  • Monday to Friday
    12 AM, 1 AM, 2 PM, 6 PM & 9 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday
    12 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM & 7 PM

The 12 AM training session is hosted on Sunday & Monday only, at the beginning of the day.

Training Information
  • President+ are the only ranks permitted to host & co-host.
  • President+ are able to claim sessions through our trello board. Each session card claimed must contain the names of the host, co-host and ranker.
  • Supervisor+ are the only ranks permitted to be able to train and help.
  • You are asked to attend as many training sessions as possible to avoid being reformed.
  • Professionalism and grammar is required for all ranks whilst doing performing their duties.
  • You are allowed to create a personal training guide, however, it must include all information listed within this guide.
  • Professionalism and grammar must be utilized by all staff members at all times.
  • If you intend to assist in a training session but can not make it, you are required to find a replacement helper or trainer.
  • All ranks within training are subject to utilize grammar. Those being trained are subject to a dismissal after reaching two grammar strikes.


Training Announcements

When hosting a training, the host is required to notify the public about their upcoming training session, through group shouts. Here are some created formats for you to use. You must announce your session 30 minutes prior to your starting time.

Commencing Shouts:

  • [TRAINING] Greetings, LAA! There is a training session is scheduled in 30 minutes at the Training Center for all ranks Trainee - General Manager who wish to receive a rank-up! Come on down for learning experience, as well as a possible promotion!

Commenced Shouts:

  • [TRAINING] The training session being hosted by [your username here] has now officially commenced! If you missed it, do not worry, as sessions are hosted throughout the day! For now, head down to the airport before you miss your flight!

Concluded Shouts:

  • [TRAINING] The training session being hosted by [your username here] has now officially concluded! Apologies if you missed it, training sessions are hosted throughout the day! For now, head down to the airport for a flight!

It is also mandated that you announce your training session to those within our communications server. This can simply be done with “-training” in #bot-commands.


If you have an upcoming training, make sure you are at the training center 25-30 minutes early.

Prior to the training sessions commencement, the host is expected to gather up trainers 15-20 minutes prior to the commencement time. At :45, assign users to their positions. The ratio of helpers to trainees should be 1 to 3. At :50, you will enable PTS, also known as Permission to Speak. Prior to commencing, you can relay the following:

General Reminder: Permission to Speak is now in place. Any free talking from this point on will get you a removal from the session.

General Reminder: Please stay in your seats! Anyone caught not in their seats will face a removal from the session.

General Reminder: Please ensure you use grammar! Anyone caught not using grammar will result in a few warnings leading to action being taken on you.

When you commence the session at :55, you must post your commencement shout. At :00, you will then relay the following:

Opening Announcement: “Hello, welcome to the [time] EST training session. I’m your host, [username]. I’ll now restate Los Angeles Airways expectations.”
Expectation 1: “To represent Los Angeles Airways in the best possible way.”
Expectation 2: “To follow all guidelines and Roblox Terms of Use.”
Expectation 3: "To report any bugs, hackers, exploiters, admin abuse, etc. to super high ranks.”
Expectation 4: “To not make any attempts at hacking, exploiting, or abusing admin.”
Expectation 5: “To not beg for ranks; earn them!”
Expectation 6: “To respect all superiors, including those you dislike.”
Expectation 7: “To blur all answers out, if you choose to record this session.”
Expectation 8: “To carry out any orders given to you by superiors as long as it follows the guidelines and Roblox Terms of Use.”

That’s all the expectations for today! Trainers, you may select your trainees and head to your desired area!


Ranks that are able to be trainers and train lower ranks are Supervisor+. If you have a preference in what rank you’d like to train, ensure the host is notified. Although listed in three separate sections, you are required to go down the list, from general training, to the trolling test, to the knowledge test. Upon conclusion of your training, hand over your passers to the direct messages of the training session host, not the ranker.


Using the chat, please relay this to your team:

Trainer: “Hey there! I’m [username], your trainer today.”
Trainer: “I will now restate some training rules I hope you’ll follow!”
Trainer: “1. If you need to go AFK (Away From Keyboard), please let us know! If not, we’ll have to kick you. Please verify you’re not AFK by typing “/” in the chat."
Trainer: “2. Please pay attention! There will be a short quiz after training.”
Trainer: “3. Be kind and if you have a question, please do not shout it out. We’ll come around asking for any questions in between trainings.”
Trainer: “Those are our rules for training today. Please give us a moment and we will begin training. Best of luck!”

Team A (Trainee - Barista)

General Training

General Training:

Using the chat, relay the following to your team:

Trainer: We will start off today’s training by introducing you to the job of a barista along with how you should greet a passenger!
Trainer: When a customer is at the bar, you will politely greet them.
Trainer: For example: “Welcome to Iloilo Airport! I’m [username], what can I get for you?”
Trainer: Once they’ve stated what drink they would like, you will now grab them their desired drink!
Trainer: When working as a barista, you will need to know the passenger’s username and the desired drink.
Trainer: Once the passenger has provided the appropriate information to you, you can then give them their desired drink.
Trainer: You will do so by firstly grabbing a cup, then sliding the cup under the logo of their desired drink.
Trainer: You will then be delivering the drink by typing “:handto” in the chat, or by using /c system.
Trainer: You will then enter the passenger’s username afterwards.
Trainer: If the passenger has not received it, you may of given it to someone else by accident!
Trainer: For example: If the passenger’s username is “abricityy” and you type “ab", it may not be given to the correct person as someone else may be in the server with their name starting with “ab.”
Trainer: Finally, an “outro” is required. For those of you who don’t know what an “outro” is, it is simply the opposite of a greeting!
Trainer: For example: “Enjoy! Have a good day!”
Trainer: Please note that you have the freedom to customize this greeting, as long as it stays professional and uses proper grammar! Failure to use grammar at all times will sadly result in a demotion!

After this, test each trainee and allow them to try greeting and roleplay a drink making and serving. Make sure to give critiques on how they can improve moving onwards.

Troller Test

Troller Test:

Using the chat, relay the following to your team:

Trainer: We will now be moving onto the second phase of our training session. Introducing the Troller Test!
Trainer: In this phase, you will be taught how you should deal with trollers and what to do if you encounter a troller!
Trainer: When you encounter a troller, you will give the troller a warning.
Trainer: If the troller continues to troll, you will give them another warning.
Trainer: Once the troller manages to obtain three warnings, you will contact a higher rank to kick them.
Trainer: When giving a troller a warning for trolling, it should be done by typing “/warn [username]” in the chat.
Trainer: At this time, you will all be tested. In this test, a troller will approach the counter and you will use the skills and strategies that we’ve reviewed to handle the troller.
Trainer: Before we begin this activity, are there any questions?

Be sure to test them and ensure they roleplay handing out a warning, followed by calling a higher rank over. Every grammar mistake made during the test will result in a warning. Three warnings will result in a fail and removal from the training session.

Guidelines Test

Guidelines Test:

Using the chat, relay the following to your team:

Trainer: Introducing the guidelines test! This test is for you to demonstrate your knowledge regarding your position.
Trainer: You will be pm’ed IV questions. You must answer them with your best knowledge.
Trainer: pm [user, user, user] How is a troller dealt with?
Trainer: pm [user, user, user] How many warnings do you give for caps abuse?
Trainer: pm [user, user, user] What is something you should maintain on the job?
Trainer: pm [user, user, user] What is something you should do if there is an exploiter?

If your trainee has performed at an exceeding expectations level, you are free to pass them. Please ensure only half of your original trainees are passed. Anyone caught passing someone performing at an unacceptable level, you will be demoted.

Team B (Barista - Airport Police)


Team C (Airport Police - Ground Crew)

Team D (Ground Crew - Check-In Agent)

Team E (Check-In Agent - Air Traffic Control)

Team F (Air Traffic Control - Flight Attendant)

Team G (Flight Attendant - Schooling Pilot)

Team H (Schooling Pilot - First Officer)


While training slowly concludes, the only users who should be ranking passers is the assigned ranker for the training session. Make sure to rank each user +1 their current rank. Additionally, once pass, feel free to dismiss them and log it in the direct messages of the host. Remember to log all passers in the correct direct messages, as well as to change the group shout.